Learning Tree Kindergarten implements a play based learning approach and multi sensory activities.

Age Requirements

Children must be 5 before August 1st of that year.

Class Size

The Kindergarten class will not exceed 16 students.


The monthly tuition is $280 and is due on the first day of the month of attendance.

Report Cards and Conferences


Report cards will be sent home after each nine week period. Parent conferences will be held after the 1st and 3rd quarters.

A weekly newsletter will be sent home to inform parents of areas of study, Kindergarten happenings and upcoming events.


Notes will be sent home each Tuesday explaining an activity due back to school on the following Wednesday.


Math We work to build a strong sense of numbers and number concept through the use of manipulatives, independent work and games. Science The main focus areas will be: weather, living and non living things, 5 senses, body parts and water. We will work on the skills of grouping, observing, predicting and classifying.

Social Studies will be incorporated into all areas of study.

Music & P.E. There will be two sessions (20 Minute sessions) of each per week.

Spanish will be taught once a week. Basic vocabulary will be the main focus of study.

Spelling After Christmas, we will have 5 spelling words each week. They will consist of word families or basic sight words with an assessment each Friday.

Art will be incorporated into daily centers. It is an important aspect of a child’s outward expression.

Guided Reading On certain days, children will take home a book that they are asked to read 3 times in the evenings. There will be a journal with the book that will need to be signed by a parent.

Writing Journal writing will be done each day. Students will be challenged at their individual level.

Our Language Arts Program is a comprehensive literacy program consisting of the following:

  • Shared Reading and Writing
  • Guided Reading and Writing
  • Independent Reading and Writing

These components will create authentic reading, writing, listening and speaking experiences. There will also be phonics instruction and phonemic awareness taught within these components. Wright Books geared to each child’s reading level will be sent home on Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. Many LIPS lessons will be incorporated into the literacy program

Sample Daily Schedule

8:00 Independent Writing
8:20 Open, Prayer, Calendar
8:50 Group Literacy
9:10 Literacy Workshop
9:55 Clean Up
10:00 Recess
10:15 Snacks
10:20 PE/Music/Spanish
10:40 Centers
11:20 Story, Student Sharing
11:30 Dismissal